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Welcome to the online home of the Western Labor Coalition, the choice and voice of labor providers.  This site contains useful information, news, updates, events and resources for labor providers. Focusing on advocacy, compliance and education, public relations and legal representation, the Western Labor Coalition serves best in class members by providing a unified voice.


The Western Labor Coalition is the advocate for like minded labor providers committed to compliance, by serving as a unified voice before public policy decision makers.

Compliance and Education

Compliance and Education

Through unique programs and strategic partnerships the Western Labor Coalition seeks to promote uniform compliance and promote education to ensure safe and effective workplaces.

Public Relations

Public Relations

The Western Labor Coalition works to promote the efforts being implemented by compliance minded members to inform the public and decision makers about what it takes to provide a safe workplace.

Legal Representation

Legal Representation

Through a strategic partnership with The Saqui Law Group members of the Western Labor Coalition have access to legal consultation and advice with world class labor counsel.

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